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For people who don’t know you: talk about your background and previous work experience.

‍I’ve spent a large chunk of my career in tech and at startups. In the past five years I worked on Citizen, where I was co-founder, and then I started exploring the consumer product space through the lens of the mobile iOS ecosystem. I saw a huge opportunity to create magical, contextual shopping experiences that meet the complex needs of the modern consumer.

‍I’m interested in pushing the (often arbitrary) limits of what we’re allowed to do or allowed to know — whether that’s accessing data…

For people that don’t know you, talk briefly about your background. How did you wind up at Senté?

My background is primarily in consumer marketing. Before Senté, I worked in marketing management positions at large consumer and retail companies such as Johnson and Johnson (J&J), Clairol, Gap, and Amazon. Throughout my career, I’ve spent lots of time advertising well-known brands directly to consumers. I’ve also helped launch over 100 skincare products, including products geared towards teens, towards males, anti-aging products, sun care products, and more.

‍After spending time in the US working at various companies, I moved to France…

This is your go-to guide for creating simple, easy-to-use TikTok influencer briefs.

We’ve collaborated with some of TikTok’s top influencers, and now we’re describing (in detail!) our process.

‍So if you want to:

  • Help influencers create marketing campaigns that convert
  • Improve your strategy and system for influencer marketing
  • Build quality relationships with influencers

‍Then you’ll love the strategies in today’s guide.

‍The best part?

‍We’re including a sample brief that we use for our influencers!

‍Let’s dive in.

‍Brand Overview

Influencers need to know the basics.

  • Who is Brand X? What’s their mission?
  • What products or services do they offer?
  • What problem does Brand X solve?
  • Who is Brand X’s target audience?


Today we’re breaking down 6 of the best ways to optimize your site for lead collection.

Lead collection is one of the most important components of your sales funnel, and that means it requires some strategy.

In this post we’ll describe 6 strategies you can implement right now to start collecting more qualified leads.


Let’s face it:

Pop-ups are annoying.

We all hate getting interrupted while trying to read an article, search for a product, or explore a site.

Fortunately, there’s ways you can use pop-ups (appropriately) to generate leads-without annoying your website visitors!

Guiding question: at what points…

This article covers 11 specific, practical tips that will take your Facebook Ad Copy to the next level.‍

If you want to:‍

  • Write ad copy that doesn’t bore your readers
  • Learn why Facebook Ads Library is a huge asset
  • Turn ad copywriting into a strength‍

Then you’ll love the concepts and strategies in this guide.

‍Let’s dive in.‍

‍Less is more.

Avoid being verbose.

Respect your reader’s time by quickly, succinctly getting to the point.

And remember: if a fifth-grader can’t understand your copy, then it’s time to re-write.‍

Show, don’t tell. ‍

Don’t tell your readers about your product. Show them.

Don’t talk about how great…

In this post, we’re talking about 2 things you probably didn’t know about TikTok’s demographics.

Understanding who’s on TikTok is not only valuable for advertisers, but also for brands keeping a pulse on the platform to create authentic, relatable content.‍

TikTok: By the Numbers‍

But before we start, a little background data…

‍It’s no secret that TikTok exploded onto the digital advertising world over the last year.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 689M monthly active users (and growing)-more than Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, and Twitter
  • 6B lifetime downloads of TikTok from the iOS App Store and Google Play
  • 6th most popular mobile app in…

CRO (conversion rate optimization) means making intentional, concrete changes to your website in order to get visitors to complete a specific action — a sale, Add-To-Cart, email sign up, refer a friend, etc.

In this article we’ll break down 6 tactics you can implement on your product page to better optimize for conversions.‍

Highlight your Add-To-Cart‍

Always have visible CTA’s on your product page.

One of our clients, Tinto Amorio, does a great job with this — once you scroll past their Hero section, a fixed Add-To-Cart footer pops up. …

For people that don’t know you, talk briefly about your background. What inspired you and your co-founders to start Slope?

I grew up in Palo Alto, so I was always surrounded by tech. After my first year at Harvard, I wound up taking a year off to work for an ed tech company; that experience got me super excited about working in tech and about entrepreneurship generally. When I went back to school, I became super involved with launching Dorm Room Fund in Boston. And over the rest of my college career I found myself always working on a…

Focusing on followers, not engagement

Followers aren’t the golden standard for evaluating the quality of a potential influencer. Instead, you should think more about your audience’s interests, engagement rate, demographics, etc.

With those facts in mind, then you can determine which influencers will work best for YOU.

Ignoring brand fit

Brand fit matters. Some influencers will “fit” with your brand narrative, and others won’t.

Effective influencer marketing isn’t just about signing influencers with massive followings; instead, it might be better to work with “smaller” influencers who actually support your brand and who fit seamlessly into your brand’s story.

Those are…

‍James Ruben is the Founder and CEO of Hellosaurus. He and his team are reinventing children’s programming for touchscreen audiences, with an initial focus on kids between the ages of 2 and 8.

‍In this interview with James, we explore how Hellosaurus fosters partnerships with creators, tackles specific marketing challenges, and more!

We’ve had the pleasure of working directly on Hellosaurus’s marketing strategy, and we’re excited to watch them continue to grow!

For people that don’t know you, talk briefly about your background. How/why did you start Hellosaurus?

I started Hellosaurus in December 2019; before that I worked as Head…


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